Grant -- ISRF Flexible Grants for Small Groups (FG8)

ISRF Flexible Grants for Small Groups (FG8)
€5,850 or £5,000
31 December 2022

Scholars from within Europe† are eligible to apply as Principal Investigator(s) to lead a small group of 2-10 scholars (which may include graduate students). Applicants should hold a PhD and will normally have a permanent appointment at an institution of higher education and research. Applications may be made by those whose sole or principal post is a part-time equivalent. Independent scholars with an academic affiliation may also apply. The awards are intended as providing flexible support (for instance: relief from teaching &/or administration, research and travel expenses, fieldwork and practical work) for a period of (up to) one year, for the activities of the research group. Stipends are not provided.

The awards are intended as enabling one or more short periods of face-to-face* joint group work such as workshops, working-in-pairs, or short academic visits over a period of up to one year, and must be taken up (i.e. commencing) no later than end of December 2022.

The amount of an award depends on the nature of the work proposed and individual circumstances – the ISRF expects applications for grants up to a maximum of €5,850 (or GBP equivalent).†

* Whilst contingency plans may be necessary to mitigate possible Covid-19-related obstacles to face-to-face working, applicants are encouraged to plan for in-person collaboration wherever possible, though current circumstances will require flexibility and – at the very least – provision for virtual participation for those who may not be able to travel or engage in in-person collaboration. In this regard, it may be helpful to note that projects need not commence until the end of December 2022. Furthermore, given the unpredictability of ongoing circumstances, successful applicants may be afforded extra flexibility in the timing of their project, and appropriate requests for no-cost extensions and/or re-allocation of funding will be considered.

† Applicants with based in the UK must apply in GBP (£), up to the limit of £5,000. All other applicants must apply in EUR (€), up to the limit of €5,850. These amounts are fixed as of 2nd August 2021, and will not be adjusted in the event of GBP/EUR currency fluctuations.

This opportunity is closed to applications.